Take advantage of South Florida Educational Federal Credit Union's FREE Financial Literacy Program, "Got Green?"

"Got Green?" is a free educational service designed to meet students' need for unbiased personal finance. Initiated by South Florida Educational FCU in 2007, "Got Green?" was developed to teach the importance of responsible credit management, budgeting and savings/checking accounts. The program has grown to also include workshops on student loans, investing, and identity theft.

Due to its success at the high school level, South Florida Educational FCU has expanded "Got Green?" to include all Miami-Dade County Public School and Miami Dade College students. Elementary through college level workshops are now available. To date, the program has reached more than 30,000 students.

Introduce your students to:
  1. Money Management where your students will learn about:
    • Savings vs. Checking Accounts
    • How to open their first account
    • Bank service charges to avoid
    • The difference between Credit Unions and Banks

  2. Building and Maintaining Good Credit where your students will:
    • Define Credit and learn how it will affect their lives
    • Understand the difference between debit, prepaid, and credit cards
    • Explain what a grace period, annual percentage rate, and variable rates are
    • Identify loan types and promotional loans
    • Understand how loan interest is calculated
    • Understand what contributes to a credit score
    • Explain what is reported on a credit report
    • State what are predatory loans

  3. The True Cost of a College Education where your students will:
    • Understand the total cost of a college education (tuition, dorm, books, transportation, food, health insurance)
    • Create a budget for a full year at college
    • Explain the different loan options available to students

  4. Identity Theft where your student will:
    • Identify the various methods of ID Theft
    • Describe methods of prevention or protection against ID theft
    • Explain how to react if their identity is stolen

  5. Investing where your student will:
    • Gain basic knowledge of investing principles
    • Read a stock table
    • Discover the risk/rewards and differences of stocks and bonds

  6. Budgeting and Financial Planning where your student will:
    • Set Goals
    • Understand the difference between long, midterm, and short term goals
    • Understand the difference between needs vs. wants
    • Create a household budget
Additional Programs and Activities Available

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Financial Football
Career Day/Fairs
High School Credit Union Branch
Internship Program

South Florida Educational FCU is the proud recipient of the 23rd Annual Commissioner's Business Recognition Award for its outstanding support of education. This marks the second consecutive year the Florida Department of Education recognized the Credit Union for its "Got Green?" financial literacy program. And during its Annual Outstanding School Volunteers and Exemplary Dade Partners Awards, Miami-Dade County Public Schools inducted the Credit Union into its Hall of Fame.

To invite "Got Green?" into your classroom, send an email to youthed@sfefcu.org or call our Gen-Y Coordinator at 305-270-6696.

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"Got Green?" Financial Literacy Bootcamp
held at the University of Miami on March 22.

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