Visa eStatements
In addition to receiving monthly member statements and tax documents electronically, members can also register to receive their VISA® statements electronically. VISA® eStatements are a secure way to receive your Credit Union VISA® statement. Access your current and past statements quickly and at no cost. Prevent sensitive information from getting lost in the mail, while helping the environment by reducing paper usage.

As required by law, the registration process requires members to register for VISA® eStatements online. Therefore, to enroll you must:
  1. Log into your Online Banking account at the top right of this website and choose the "Other Options" from the main menu.
  2. Then, click on the "Continue" link next to VISA eStatement Settings.
  3. Click on the button "Register Now for VISA eStatements".
Please note that it is a requirement to be enrolled for monthly Member eStatements prior to registering for VISA® eStatements. To discontinue VISA® eStatements, follow the procedures above, but rather than clicking on the button that reads "Register Now for VISA eStatements" click on the "Discontinue VISA eStatements" button instead.

For general information on eStatements, click here.

Need a VISA® Statement Copy? You can print your statement or save it to a file on your computer.
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