Member's Trust Services
Trust Services
South Florida Educational FCU offers personal trust services through our partner, MEMBERS Trust Company.*

Who is Members Trust?
Since 1987 MEMBERS Trust Company has provided trust services to credit union members throughout the United States. Owned and managed by Americaís Credit Unions, MEMBERS Trust Company abides by the management philosophy of our owners - to act in the best interest of our clients while fulfilling our fiduciary duty as a trust company. Formed through a cooperative alliance with credit unions across America, MEMBERS Trust Company embodies a new corporate mission for a professional trust and investment company as we operate for the benefit of members and clients, not individual stockholders.

What is a MEMBERS Trust account?
A MEMBERS Trust Account is a flexible, legal arrangement that can be used to benefit different individuals and organizations or to safeguard valuable assets.

What can a MEMBERS Trust account do for you?
You can transfer some or all of your assets to a trustee's care and MEMBERS Trust will manage your assets as you instruct. There are a number of reasons for establishing a trust. They include:
  1. Managing Your Assets

  2. Protecting Your Assets

  3. Providing for Special Needs

  4. Giving to Charity

Other Services offered through MEMBERS Trust include:
  • Estate Planning
    MEMBERS Trust will facilitate the creation of an estate plan to provide for ongoing benefits to your heirs and loved ones and to transfer assets at death in the most efficient and prudent manner possible.

  • Trustee Services
    MEMBERS Trust will provide protection and management of your assets now and after your death, whether itís a trust to avoid probate or a special needs trust for a loved one.

  • Estate Settlement
    MEMBERS Trust will help your family and loved ones navigate through the probate process.

  • Asset Allocation
    MEMBERS Trust will help develop a comprehensive portfolio management process which coordinates the investment of assets to achieve optimum asset allocation and diversification.

For more information, please contact one of our MEMBERS Trust representatives at 305-270-6693.

* Trust products are not federally insured, are not obligations of or guaranteed by South Florida Educational Federal Credit Union or any affiliated entity, do involve investment risks, including the possible loss of principal.

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