Traveling Abroad
Using Your Debit and Credit Card in Other Countries

Travel Icon When traveling abroad, we recommend the following tips:

Before Travel
During Travel
  • VISA® requires that magnetic-stripe cards be accepted everywhere VISA® is accepted.

  • In countries that have adopted chip technology, international visitors may continue to use their non-chip enabled cards; most chip terminals will recognize and process a magnetic-stripe card.

  • If you encounter a merchant who is hesitant to accept a non-chip card for payment, encourage the merchant to swipe the magnetic-stripe card through the terminal and follow the terminal prompts to complete the transaction.

  • If you are using an unattended rail ticket kiosk or an automated fuel dispenser that does not recognize non-chip cards, present your card to an attendant or agent (e.g., at a ticket window).

  • In some countries, you may be prompted to enter your PIN at a merchant terminal. It is not necessary to enter a PIN at a merchant location for magnetic stripe cards. You should be able to bypass the PIN request and proceed with the transaction by clicking "OK" on the terminal.

  • If, for some reason, you are unable to use your VISA® card to make a purchase at a merchant location, you should be able to obtain cash from a local ATM.

  • If any problems or concerns arise pertaining to your VISA® card, contact the Credit Union by dialing the phone number printed on the back of your card or on your monthly card statement. You may also contact VISA® Global Customer Care Services (locate the toll-free number appropriate for the country in which you are traveling).

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