Investment & Retirement Services

Members Trust

MEMBERS Trust Company provides trust services to credit union members throughout the United States. Formed through a cooperative alliance with credit unions across America, MEMBERS Trust Company embodies a new corporate mission for a professional trust and investment company, operating for the benefit of credit union members, not individual stockholders.

Retirement Planning

We know our members are faced with many retirement options and proper planning can make your retirement years comfortable. As your trusted financial partner, we will help clarify and plan the right strategy to help you accomplish your retirement goals. Retirement planning is too important to take lightly and our service is non-commissioned, so your interests will always come first.


Investing properly can help build wealth, support retirement, fund education, and improve your lifestyle. Going at it on your own can be complicated and time consuming. Let us help create and manage the right portfolio to help you accomplish your goals.

Trust and Estate Planning

Having an estate plan allows you to pass your assets according to your wishes. Establishing a Trust allows you to safeguard your loved ones and avoid probate. With our partner, Members Trust Company, we will manage and administer your trust, and settle your estate. The right estate plan not only aids your loved ones after your passing but also provides peace of mind during your life.

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Keith Gregor
Keith W. Gregor, CFA is the Credit Union's Senior Investment and Trust Officer and is here to help our members with all of your retirement and trust needs. He is a paid employee of South Florida Educational FCU and does not work on commission.

Contact Keith at to set up an appointment today!