The following Service Charges Schedule is for consumer
accounts only. For Business Accounts, please refer to our
Business Service Charges Schedule.

South Florida Educational FCU is federally insured by the
National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).

Savings & Checking
Check Copy
$2.00 per check
NSF (Returned Check)
$20.00 per check
Stop Payment
$20.00 per item
Credit Union Custom Checks
$8.50 per box
Check Printing
Price depends upon style
Excessive Overdraft Transfers
$5.00 per transfer
Online/Telephone Banking Services
Online Banking
Bill Pay
Bill Pay Stop Payment (member initiated)
$20.00 each
Bill Pay Stop Payment
(checks not cashed after 90 days)
Bill Pay Check Copy
$2.00 each
Share Savings Account
Multiple Accounts
$2.00 per month
Electronic Funds Transfer
ATM Withdrawals --
Publix & CO-OP Network ATMs
Non Publix & Non CO-OP ATMs
$0.60 per transaction
Point-of-Sale Purchases
ATM Photo
Price depends upon service provider

Visa International Foreign
     Currency Conversion and International       Service Assessment

1% of transaction

These are VISA service charges in processing international transactions. The transaction and the assessment service charge will show as two (2) separate transactions on your statement and will be as follows:

Single-currency transactions: 0.80% will be charged for transactions that you conduct in a foreign country when the merchant accepts the transaction in US currency rather than the currency of their country.

Multi-currency transactions: 1% will be charged for transactions in a foreign country when the merchant accepts the transaction in non-US currency (usually their own country’s currency). VISA is required to convert the currency during the settlement process to US currency so that the transaction may be posted to your account.
Account Balancing
Within a 12 month period
First time Free
Second Time
$10.00 per hour
Third Time
$20.00 per hour
(Minimum charge is one hour)
Card Replacement/Production
When 3 cards have been issued over a
12 month period
Special Handling Requests Price depends upon service
Bond Coupons Processed
$22.00 per envelope
Bond Coupons Returned
$30.00 per envelope
Returned International Items
$40.00 per item
(Including Canadian items both in US and Canadian dollars)
Domestic Collections within the USA
$25.00 per item*
Foreign Collections
$40.00 per item*
Correspondent Bank Service Charge
(for collection items)
Determined by corresponding bank.
Instant Check Payment Processing
$10.00 per item
Garnishments, Levies and Court Orders
*Additional charges for postage may be incurred.
Safe Deposit Box Annual Lease
Box sizes:
3 x 5
5 x 5
3 x 10
5 x 10
10 x 10
10 x 15
Safe Deposit Box Drilling
Lost Key Replacement
Other Services
Account Number Change
ACH Returns
$20.00 per item
ACH Stop Payments
$20.00 per item
Cashier's Check (below $1,000)
$10.00 per check
Cashier's Check ($1,000 or more)
Copies of Deposited Checks
$10.00 per check
Copies of Teller/Cashier's Checks
$3.00 per check
Copies of Savings Bonds
$5.00 per item
Coin Processing
$10.00 per half-hour
(If more than two SFEFCU issued one-gallon plastic bags are processed)

Deposited/Cashed Returned Check
  • Check from a Third Party

  • Your Own Check

$5.00 per check

$20.00 per check
Dormant Account (12 month inactivity)
$5.00 per month
Notarization for non-member when combined with member
$2.00 per statement
$15.00 per hour
Statement Copy (1st copy free)
$2.00 per copy
Stop Payment on Teller Checks and Cashier's Checks
(must qualify for indemnification)
$20.00 per check
Wire Transfer of Funds
  • Domestic

  • International

$12.00 per wire

$30.00 per wire

For further information, please contact our Member Service Center.

Rev 11/13/12
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