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  1. Do I need to be a member of South Florida Educational FCU (SFEFCU) to use textME@SFE?

    Yes. Please go to our membership page to find out how to become a member or visit one of our branches.

  2. What is textME@SFE?

    textME@SFE is our text banking solution where you may connect to your account through SMS text messages using any text capable mobile phone and perform balance inquiries, view account history and make transfers.

    If you use Bill Pay through the mobile app, being signed up for textMe will allow you to send the security code by text message. If you are not signed up for textMe, the only option you would have is to send the code by email.

  3. How do I sign up for textME@SFE?

    To use textME@SFE, login to Online Banking, go to 'Other Options' and then click on the 'Continue' link next to TextME. After accepting the textME disclosure, you may register a mobile device for use with the service.

  4. How do I register my mobile device?

    On the registration screen in Online Banking, you will be asked to enter your ten-digit mobile phone number. Next, you will receive an activation code via text message that must be entered into the Online Banking textME@SFE screen immediately. Once you are done entering the activation code, you may begin using textME@SFE.

  5. My mobile device is registered, but I'm still unsuccessful at retrieving account information. Why is that?

    If you cannot access your account using textME@SFE, please make sure that you place the text SFE in front of any of the keyword commands. For example: To retrieve history information, your text should read SFE HIST. If you still cannot retrieve information, please contact the Credit Union for assistance.

  6. Where do I text my account inquiries and transactions?

    Send your text messages to 90703. Add textME@SFE(90703) to your contact list on your phone for easy access.

  7. Who do I contact if I need help with textME@SFE?

    For help, you may text the words SFE HELP to code 90703 and we will send you a help message containing a list of available keywords. Or, email your questions to us at

  8. How do I unsubscribe from textME@SFE?

    Text the words SFE STOP to 90703 at any time to unsubscribe from textME@SFE.

  9. How do I format messages sent to textME@SFE?

    Every message sent to textME@SFE via 90703, whether it is a first command requesting a balance or a response that lets us know which account from the account list you would like the balance on, must include the keyword or response. Examples of typical messages and responses from textME@SFE are as follows:

    Example 1: Retrieve an account balance
    Enter the Command: SFE BAL
    Expected Response: A list of available accounts

    Enter the Command: SFE 3
    Expected Response: The balance for the account labeled 3 on the list of available accounts

    Example 2: Retrieve an account balance using the shortcut method
    Enter the Command: SFE BAL S01
    Expected Response: The balance for your SFEFCU Share 01 account

    Example 3: Transfer $250 from your SFEFCU Share 01 to your SFEFCU Loan 01
    Enter the Command: SFE TRAN S01 L01 250
    Expected Response: Message requesting confirmation of the transfer

    Enter the Command: SFE YES
    Expected Response: Message confirming completion of transfer

  10. Is textME@SFE case sensitive?

    No, textME@SFE is not case sensitive. Commands typed in uppercase or lowercase letters will be recognized. For example, the service will respond to your balance inquiry whether your message sent reads "sfe bal" or "SFE BAL".

  11. Does textME@SFE offer command shortcuts so I can access my information and make transfers more quickly?

    Yes, we have simple command shortcuts. These shortcuts will help you easily and quickly access your accounts for inquiries and to make transfers. The following is a list of the shortcuts available via textME@SFE. Please modify your Share or Loan ID as applicable for each command shown (ie. S00, S01, S02, L01, L2, L3, etc).

    SFE HELP Get a list of available textME@SFE keywords
    SFE BAL S01 Get a balance on your share or loan
    SFE HIST L01 Get transaction history on your share or loan
    SFE NEXT Get the following five transactions of history after receiving the first response on a history command
    SFE TRAN S00 L01 200 Transfer $200 from S00 to L01

  12. What does it mean when I see "1/2" in my text received?

    The label "1/2" means that you are reading the first in a series of two messages from textME@SFE. To avoid confusion, always read messages in the correct order.

  13. Why are the text messages from textME@SFE out of order when I read them on my mobile device?

    Messages from textME@SFE are sent to you in the order they are intended to be read. Depending on your mobile provider, it may take longer for some messages to be delivered than others. Their order may get mixed up on the way to your phone. Please note the labels ("1/2", "2/2", etc.) and read them in the correct order to avoid confusion.

  14. Why are my inquiries received as multiple text messages?

    All text messages are limited to 160 characters. Because some textME@SFE messages exceed 160 characters, you will receive your account information in multiple messages.

  15. I am enrolled in textME@SFE and have text messaging capabilities on my mobile phone. Why am I unable to receive text messages from textME@SFE on my mobile device?

    If you are unable to receive textME@SFE messages but can receive standard text messages on your phone, "short codes" may be blocked on your mobile phone. To use textME@SFE, you must enable short codes with your mobile provider. ("Short codes" are special telephone numbers used to send text messages from mobile phones. They are often used for services such as television voting, ordering ring tones, charity donations, and mobile services such as textME@SFE.)

  16. Why do I get the message 'TRAN request is not supported by cellular provider t-mobile'?

    At this time, T-Mobile does not allow the transfer of funds. However, you can still view account balances and transaction history using textME@SFE.

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