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  1. Why is the amount in my account different than what I have available?

    When calling Bank-by-Phone be sure to listen for the "available balance". Your available balance is your balance less any funds that are "on hold" due to deposits, debit card transactions or loan security.

    Personal checks being deposited in excess of $1000.00 per day may have availability of funds delayed between 3 and 9 business days (depending on the amount deposited and the location of the financial institution on which they are drawn). This includes business checks drawn on companies that are not well known.

    VISA® Debit Card ATM transactions (those requiring a PIN to be entered) usually post right away.

    VISA® Debit Card purchase transactions may also place a hold against available funds for several days, until the purchase posts. Any time you change your mind after a purchase has been authorized, the hold may remain on the account for 5 business days. Be sure to keep the receipts showing the reversal. (If your account is running close and you need those funds released, you will need to provide the Credit Union with copies of both receipts.)

  2. Passwords

    • Please note that we allow you to have different passwords for our electronic services – Bank-by-Phone and Online Banking/Bill Pay. If you change your password on one, it will not automatically change on the other.
    • The following PINs are not acceptable on Bank-by-Phone:
      0000   0001   0002   0003   0004   0005   0006   0007   0008   0009  9999
    • Menus for Bank-by-Phone in HTML.

  3. Help! My member account has been frozen!

    For security purposes, all automated services to your account will become frozen if you (or anyone else) attempt to access Bank-by-Phone using an incorrect PIN. Should your account become frozen, your access to both Online Banking and Bank-by-Phone will be locked out. Please call the Member Contact Center to correct this problem.

  4. Where can I get a copy of the Bank-by-Phone Menus and Account ID numbers?

    Just click here and you will see the menu options as well as be able to print out a version to keep with you at all times.

  5. How do I make a payment on my Credit Union loan with Bank-by-Phone?

    • To make a loan payment on Bank-by-Phone use the "Transfer Menu"
    • VISA® Credit Cards are Loans.
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