Credit Counseling
Our comprehensive Financial Fitness and Credit Counseling program can help you avoid possible financial disaster and help you get back to a healthy financial status.
  • There are no service charges for this program - it's FREE.
Credit Union members have three options:
  1. Call our in-house Credit Counselor at 305-270-5216 for a FREE personal consultation (in our Kendall Office).
  2. Call BALANCE, our Financial Education and Counseling partner at 888-456-2227 and speak with a counselor on the phone.
  3. Utilize the FREE online tools and worksheets available online at BalancePro.

You may use our FREE service if you:
  • Were denied for a loan or are past due with your creditors
  • Want to buy your first home
  • Regularly use payday loans
  • Are struggling to keep afloat after a layoff or other unforeseen circumstances
  • Have questions about your credit report or credit score
  • Need help balancing your checkbook or managing your budget
  • Are trying to buy a new/used car
  • Are going through a life change (divorce, marriage, starting a family)
  • Want to start saving for the future but don't know how
  • Are considering bankruptcy
  • Have an account in Collections or being charged late charges/over limit service charges, penalty interest rates.
  • Need help saving your home from foreclosure/Foreclosure Prevention Counseling
  • Need help to stop your Student loan from going into default
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