Bill Pay
Tired of writing checks? Bill Pay may be an option for you-- a safe and convenient way of paying your bills electronically. As long as you have Online Banking and a Checking Account you can sign up. This service is FREE, plus, you’ll save money avoiding the rising cost of stamps!

Demo the Bill Pay site now. Some things you can do with Bill Pay include:

Some things you can do with Bill Pay:
  • Securely schedule payments to virtually anyone in the United States--from national bank cards, mortgage companies, auto loans, and department stores to the newspaper carrier
  • Set up multiple payments at one time
  • Set up recurring payments
  • Export financial information with Excel (CSV)
  • Pay bills from any South Florida Educational FCU Checking Account you are a joint member of
  • Receive many of your bills electronically (e-bills) to your Bill Pay account
Click here to become a member and start using Bill Pay.

Not Registered for Bill Pay?
You must have Online Banking and a Checking Account in order to use our Bill Pay service. If you have these services already and would like to add Bill Pay, simply login to Online Banking with your Online Banking ID in the login box at the top of this page and select the "Bill Pay" tab on the menu.

Members who want to sign up for Bill Pay, but DO NOT HAVE access to Online Banking and a Checking Account, must visit their nearest branch to acquire these services prior to applying for Bill Pay.

You can get Assistance on Bill Pay at 1-877-859-0408 from 7:30 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. (Eastern Time), Monday - Friday. .

Bill Pay Offers Rush Payments A Service to Expedite Payments
If you need faster delivery of your payment, you may use the Rush Payment service. There is a small service charge for each item scheduled as a Rush Payment, but it can help you avoid paying expensive late service charges and prevent negative repercussions such as service termination or damage to your credit from a late payment. There's no need to enroll for this service. Bill Pay users can take advantage of Rush Payments at their convenience. You may pay virtually anyone, at any time, EXCEPT for government service charges (ex. property taxes, traffic tickets, child support, etc.) through Bill Pay.

If you have any questions about Bill Pay, view our frequently asked questions page to see if we’ve already answered them.
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