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Transfer credit card balances from
other lenders to your Credit Union
VISA by September 30th, 2017 and
receive a balance transfer rate as
low as 1.99% APR.*

  1. Log into Online Banking.
  2. Click the "Transfers" tab.
  3. Transfer funds from your Credit Union VISA to your Checking account and pay off higher interest credit cards.
Plus, our VISA Credit Card has NO BALANCE TRANSFER OR CASH ADVANCE FEES helping you save even more! Qualifying cardholders can receive the new discounted rate on any balance transfer including cash advances.

Credit Card Rate is*
Your new rate on balance
transfers/cash advances will be*
10.50% APR 1.99% APR
11.50% APR 2.99% APR
14.50% APR 6.75% APR
16.50% APR 10.75% APR
18.00% APR 12.75% APR

Need a limit increase or want to apply for a Credit Union VISA?

Online Banking users can login and click on the "Apply for a Loan" tab to request either a limit increase or to apply for a new credit card. You can also apply by calling our Member Contact Center or visiting your nearest branch.

Additional benefits of a Credit Union VISA Credit Card include:
  • No Annual Fee
  • No Summer Payments
  • Generous Rewards Program with Cash Rebates
*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. All Credit Union loans are subject to approval. To receive the promotional rate, the balance transfer or cash advance must take place between 08/01/2017 and 09/30/2017. Transferred balances or cash advances will continue at the reduced rate through the closing date on your January 2018 statement, at which time the promotion will terminate and the balance will revert to the normal rate. Normal VISA® Credit Card variable rates range from 10.50% to 18% APR. Throughout the promotion, existing balance(s) and new purchases will continue at the normal rate. Each balance transfer or cash advance will reduce your available credit just like any other transaction. Balance transfers and cash advances are contingent upon approval of the credit limit needed to accommodate the request. Total balance is subject to a 1.5% minimum monthly payment or $25, whichever is greater.
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