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Please follow these instructions:
  1. Before filling out this form, if you are a registerd user of Online Banking, you may use this service to place a stop payment on a check. To do so, login to Online Banking at the top of this page, select "Accounts" on the main menu and then, click on the dropdown next to "Checking" and select "Stop Payments". You may also use Bank-by-Phone to make a stop payment request.
  2. Fill out, print and sign the form below. Fax this form to 305-270-6588 or bring the form to one of our branches. To confirm receipt of the fax, you may call 305-270-5250.
  3. Click here to view the current Stop Payment Service Charge.
Stop Payments received during normal working hours are processed the same day. Those received after hours or on holidays or weekends will be processed the next business day.

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Stop Payment Information
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This Stop Payment Order is submitted with the understanding that the Credit Union is not liable if the draft/ACH referred to above is paid on the same day or the day following this order. If the information above is incomplete or incorrect, the Credit Union will not be responsible for failing to stop payment on the draft/ACH.

I understand that I may remain liable to the Credit Union or any person who is a holder of the item, despite the stop payment order. I agree to indemnify and hold the Credit Union harmless from all costs; including attorney's service charges, damages or claims related to the Credit Union's actions in refusing payment of an item, including claims of any multiple party account owner, payee, or endorsee failing to stop payment of an item as a result of incorrect information provided by me.

I understand I must monitor my account for either ACH and/or Draft transactions in addition to any stop payments related to either.

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Form #719 (04/10)
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