Share Draft Checking Account Agreement and Signature Card Addendum

Please follow these instructions:
  1. Completely fill out this form.
  2. Print the form by pressing the print button.
  3. Sign the form.
  4. Fax this form to 305-270-6588 or bring the form to one of our branches.
This addendum is incorporated and made part of the Share Draft Checking Account Agreement and Signature Card as follows:

General Information

I understand that if my Share Draft Checking Account does not have the funds available to honor a share draft when presented for payment, the Credit Union will attempt to transfer the funds necessary as instructed below:

Overdraft Protection Options

Please select only ONE of the following:
Transfer from Primary Savings only.
Advance my Line of Credit Loan only.
Transfer from my Primary Savings and then advance my Line of Credit Loan.
I do not want overdraft protection from my Savings or Loan.

If no option is selected, I understand my Primary Savings will be used to provide overdraft protection. I understand that no transfers or advances will be made unless there are sufficient funds available on deposit or sufficient credit available.

Primary Member's Signature

rev 08/23/2010
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