VISA Credit Card
VISA® Classic and Platinum Credit Cards*
Destroy those higher interest rate credit cards and acquire a Credit Union no annual service charge VISA® Classic or VISA® Platinum credit card. Our lower rates can save you money. Both cards come with common carrier insurance at no cost and offer a variety of valuable card enhancements.

Secured VISA® Credit Card*
For those wishing to establish or rebuild their credit, the Credit Union offers a VISA® Secured credit card. Secure your limit against your savings account.

Extra Credit Rewards
With your Credit Union VISA®, you are automatically enrolled in our Extra Credit Rewards program. Earn one point for every one dollar ($1) spent using your credit card, and redeem these points towards gift cards, cash and travel rewards! All new credit cards automatically receive 1,000 bonus points upon first usage.

Additional credit card features include: Find out how you can apply for a credit card today!

Credit Card Fraud
If at any time unusual activity is detected on your South Florida Educational VISA credit card, JHA Payment Processing Solutions will contact you, the card holder, to determine if the activity was fraudulent. Please note that sometimes these calls are made using an automated system. If you (the card holder) are unavailable, a message will be left, whenever possible, for you to call 800-411-8498 to verify recent card activity. Responding to these phone calls in a timely manner can prevent your card from being suspended while the Credit Union researches the validity of your transactions.

Avoid credit card scams.

Lost/Stolen/Denied VISA® Credit Cards click here.

Travel Icon When traveling abroad, these are a few tips we recommend.

Register with VISA® Checkout and enjoy fast and secure online shopping.

>> It's Simple
Enroll your Credit Union Visa credit or debit card. Then use it to pay for online purchases wherever you see the Visa Checkout logo.

Visa Checkout

>> It's Fast
Avoid entering your card and shipping details every time because all you need is your Visa Checkout login to pay!

>> It's Secure
Always shop worry-free, knowing that your personal information is protected behind multiple layers of security.

* Eligibility for the lowest Credit Union rates and loan approval is based on credit worthiness, the ability to repay, and your credit score.
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