Business ATM & Debit Cards
With a South Florida Educational FCU ATM or Debit card, you can withdraw funds from your Savings or Checking accounts at any Publix or CO-OP Network ATM - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your Credit Union ATM or Debit card offers:
  • Free Publix and CO-OP network ATM transactions
  • Free POS transactions
  • Daily cash withdrawal limits apply
Your Credit Union ATM or Debit card may be used at any Automatic Teller Machine displaying the following signs:
  • Publix/Presto
  • CO-OP Network
  • Plus
Additional Benefits a Debit Card Offers
Once you have a Checking account, you are eligible to apply for a VISA® Debit card. Use your VISA® Debit card wherever VISA® is accepted and the purchase will be deducted directly from your Checking Account.

With your Credit Union Debit card, you'll automatically be enrolled in our Extra Credit Rewards program. Earn one point for every two dollars ($2) spent using your Debit card for signature (non-PIN) transactions, and redeem these points towards gift cards, cash and travel rewards!

Apply for an ATM or a VISA® Debit card Call our Member Contact Center for questions regarding your card.
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