National Youth Involvement Board

In 2007, South Florida Educational Federal Credit Union (SFEFCU) joined the National Youth Involvement Board (NYIB) to strengthen its commitment to the students of Miami-Dade County Public Schools and Miami-Dade College. Since joining the NYIB, the Credit Union has reached more than 6,000 students and presented 73 workshops through out Miami-Dade.

What is the NYIB?
In 1972, the National Youth Involvement Board was created to obtain grassroots input from individuals working in credit unions/leagues and to create a national system for the dissemination of information and resources regarding youth participation in the credit union movement. This was due to the average age of credit union members rising in the 1960s. Credit union leaders recognized the need to reach out to young people to ensure a bright future for the movement.

Today, the NYIB continues to contribute to the future of credit unions by:
  • Serving as a resource of youth marketing materials and ideas for the credit union movement.
  • Encouraging excitement and commitment to youth financial literacy.
  • Creating leadership opportunities for the credit union movement.
  • Developing strategic alliances that benefit the credit union movement in keeping with the NYIB mission.
  • Providing an educational conference that is in keeping with the NYIB mission.
You may visit NYIB's website by going to
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