Adopt-A-Classroom - Back-to-School Giveaway

In August 2008, South Florida Educational Federal Credit Union formed a partnership with Miami-Dade County Public Schools and Adopt-A-Classroom, a non-profit agency that allows teachers to register and purchase classroom supplies online from reputable school-supply vendors.

The Credit Union donated $50 to the first 200 teachers who registered online for a total contribution of $10,000.

The $10,000 Back-to-School Giveaway was a tremendous success. Two hundred classrooms were adopted within 3 hours of launching the campaign. Over 1,000 teachers registered with the program and the number continues to grow every day.

In addition, parents may also register online to donate to a "school of choice."

For more information, please call the Community Relations Department and ask Soley at 305-270-6696 or send an email to

Education Issues Adopt-A-Classroom Addresses

Teachers, our education system's most integral component, suffer from inadequate resources in the classroom, which, in turn, hampers their ability to meet students' needs. To compensate, teachers spend an average of $1,200 of their own money every school year - totaling $4 billion annually - purchasing materials for their classrooms, undermining teacher morale, and ultimately student success.

Research supports that teacher morale and teachers' use of hands-on learning materials in the classroom have a direct impact on student achievement.

Adopt-A-Classroom empowers teachers with additional funds to mitigate their out-of-pocket expenses and to purchase hands-on learning resources so they can transform their classrooms into vibrant centers for learning. The community support not only bolsters teacher morale but also student enthusiasm for school.

You may visit the Adopt-A-Classroom's website by going to

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